Complex Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic discomfort can be caused by a wide variety of physical and lifestyle factors, so the treatments available to you are equally wide-ranging. Some are treatments that will be performed in our office by Dr. Wright, and others are items you can purchase and use to change the conditions leading to your discomfort.

To see how we can use these therapies, modalities, and products to help you, please visit Solon Chiropractic, Bruce D. Wright, D.C.

Physical Therapies and Modalities

After you meet with Dr. Wright and he assembles a complete picture of your physical and holistic health, some or all of the following treatments may be part of your personalized treatment plan.

  • On-site digital x-ray
  • Ultrasound and electronic muscle stimulatio
  • Therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation


We often find that making small changes in your posture or physical condition can be very helpful in correcting discomfort. The products below can gently realign your spine and the systems connected to it.

  • Foot Levelers — Custom orthotics that can correct your posture and stabilize your spine and pelvi
  • Biofreeze products — Topical pain relievers that can ease your agony through cold therap
  • Cervical pillows — Correct your posture while you sit or sleep